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Syntea S.A.Syntea S.A.

Syntea S.A. has been operating on the education market for over 10 years. The competence delivery system including training courses, certification, apprenticeships, internships, practical placements, and employment exchange activities allows us to guide our customers, i.e. natural persons, companies, institutions and organisations, through the entire education process, starting from analysing competence predispositions, delivering training courses, providing career advising services, organizing vocational practice, to finding and optimizing a job. The system developed by Syntea is compliant with the idea of occupational mobility of employees and adapted to the most crucial directions of the European and global education policy.

During our activity we have already acquired over PLN 65 mln for implementing local, national and international education projects, trained over 45 000 individuals and issued over 50 000 certificates. Syntea Education Partners includes over 100 public and commercial entities operating on the education, advising, and labour markets in Poland and abroad, especially in the East-Central Europe.

More about Syntea: http://en.syntea.pl/Default.aspx

Syntea SA

ul. Wojciechowska 9a, floor III

20-704 Lublin

Phone: +4881 45 21 400

Fax: +4881 45 21 401


Hafelekar Consultancy Ltd.Logo hafelekar 4c kl 2

Hafelekar Consultancy, established in 2001, is specialized in personal and organizational development, regional development, qualitative and quantitative social research and project management. Our customers are private, public and NPO´s in Austria, Germany and Italy.

EU Projects: Our team is experienced in the development, application, realization and evaluation of EU-funded projects with expertise in life long learning, informal and non formal learning processes and instruments of career guidance. In our projects we focus on designing instruments of vocational assistance and lifelong learning, development of e-learning as well as research and analysis of training demands and evaluation.


More about Hafelekar: www.hafelekar.at

Hafelekar Consultancy Schober Ltd.

Maga. Karin Lackner

Bozner Platz 5

6020 Innsbruck




IDN integral services is a SME specialised in advising, design, management and integration and implementation of Information Security solutions and communications networks with special interest in taking part in project intended to develop new security solutions for SMEs and public bodies.

The main part of our activity is in relation to develop new products and competitive solutions with the aim of helping SMEs to improve their management system.

IDN was the sixth Spanish enterprise acquiring the certification of its ISMS under the ISO 27001 in 2005. Apart from that, currently IDN is working on integral security systems services and training actions intended to increase awareness of e-trust among private and public sector in Castilla La Mancha Region.

More information about IDN: www.idn.es


Poeta García Carbonell 8 bajo

02006 Albacete



CONFORMnuovo logo conform trasparente (ID 8020)


CONFORM is a network of national and international public/private organisations (Institutions, Universities, Training Organisations, Research Centres, Banks, Enterprises, Employer associations, international voluntary associations) that for years has promoted the development of a life long learning culture at national/international level.

Over the years, Conform has obtained considerable experience in continuing training for people of different vocational profiles ranging from specialised technicians, to middle managers and employees in a wide variety of sectors (tourism, industry, credit, health etc.).

In doing so, it has consolidated experience in research, innovation and implementation of e-learning and multimedia training resources of high pedagogic and technological added value based on the “Vocational training value chain” from needs analysis to evaluation of learning outcomes (including project design and delivery).


More informattion about CONFORM. http://www.conform.it/


Collina Liguorini

Centro Direzionale Banca della Campania

83100 Avellino


e-mail: conform@conform.it 

Association GENERATIONSAssociation Generations

Association Generations is a non-profit organization located in Sofia, Bulgaria. We work to promote the entrepreneurship by supporting enterprises trough orientation, counseling and assistance to maximize skills and capabilities and guarantee sustainable development.  We have focused our activities on employees 50+, a variety of topics related to an aging workforce - to develop and realize soft skills trainings, incl. diversity management, to enhance work-life balance and the compatibility of work with care-giving responsibilities. We try to assist the process of managing the differences in the light of the demographic changes by offering training and counseling to the business and support to companies, institutions and individuals for their approval in a highly competitive environment. 

We do research, develop and implement the experiences, principles and policies, connected with coexistence and communication between different communities, the principles of civil society and gender mainstreaming, European policies and values, contributing to building social bridges.

Our Association is member of ALDA  - the Association of Local Democracy Agencies and of the European EMIL Network(http://emil-network.eu) with focus on the establishment of intergenerational working groups for initializing regional development activities.

We has been certified after a LQW system – a German quality management standard developed especially for VET institutions.

124-B Tsar Samuil Str.

1202 Sofia


Email: generationsbg@abv.bg




is a consultancy, high tech and training company based in Piraeus Greece. It is active in both the Greek and
the transnational market. Being established in 1989, it has achieved a combination of experience and know-how  accumulated over the years, with the ideas and innovation of its young collaborators. IDEC has a wide range of  expertise and products in a broad spectrum of topics. Our customer focused approach, provides our customers with  a unique set of all-round services and assists them in building the future they want.

For more information about IDEC S.A.: www.idec.gr
96, Iroon Polytechniou Avenue
18536 Piraeus

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